Here is a photo of my coffee options.  From right to left depicts the BAD – BETTER – BEST choices for brewing coffee from a trash production perspective.

BAD – the 3 Coffee Pods on the right are the typical “approved” pods that are made with long duration plastic.  This is a very bad choice from the perspective of managing our trash because a lot of cups are discarded, they are typically not recycled and they take many years to breakdown.

BETTER – the 3 Coffee Pods in the center are 100% compostable pods that are made with materials that can be broken down by the bacteria and other organisms responsible for decomposition.  Using these pods results in the production of a lot of trash but the trash has a shorter life.

BEST – the pour over filter and grounds on the left comprises the BEST solution because it generates significantly smaller amounts of trash – a single filter that decomposes rapidly.  The filter was made from 100% recycled paper.

In this case, the BEST solution from the production of trash perspective, also is the BEST solution from the perspective of brewing good coffee.  Most Baristas will tell you that the pour-over method produces the richest and most delicious coffee.

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